“Give yourself and your loved ones more choices and options.”

Anticipating What’s to Come

Why anticipation acts like an advanced warning device:  gain more control and thrive.

When it comes to suddenly losing your job without any advanced warning your world turns upside down and your confidence sinks like a rock.

You experience a process of loss.

That’s one of two possible responses.

The second is a process of anticipation.

The first drains all of your energy.

The second feels more like an adventure.

The first forces you to take drastic measures just to survive.

If only they gave you enough advanced warning to avoid the trauma.

Keep an Eye on The Future

If you received advanced warnings and acted on the potential threat, you could have activated a plan months before the event and gained more control over your fate.

But, in the real world it’s very rare to get any kind of warning, so you have to anticipate and adapt on your own.

You need to become your own strategic planning department to see the writing on the wall before it is too late.

Why Not Live in Paradise?

Following Mark’s lead, you need to anticipate the threats and opportunities that present themselves before you move to a Caribbean Island.

“It is common knowledge that if you follow your passions in your business or career, success normally hinges on the demand for it in the local community within a reasonable driving radius.” 

If you plan to move for higher quality-of-life reasons to a new neighborhood in a different state, you have to answer a whole host of questions.

Free to Live a Better Life

Can you still earn a living if the local economy doesn’t support your venture?

What if the town’s people reject you as an outsider?

Is there a way you can win them over?

Will you be forced to give up and move back?

Or is it possible to enjoy a new lifestyle and make money while you sleep?

Start with your passions.

From my 2009 chapter, Why Careers are like Real Estate Markets …

“While we may be in for a long downturn beginning in 2010 or 2011, new real estate opportunities will open up for savvy investors on the outskirts of premier resort communities. 

A new phenomenon is emerging thanks to ‘Web 2.0’ technologies. 

You can make money while you sleep by packaging your knowledge and using the Internet to your advantage.”

So my advice?

Assess your personality.

Focus on what you love doing.

But don’t stop there.

Become a strategic career investor.

“Give yourself and your loved ones more choices and options. In the process, avoid a prolonged downturn while prospering with a better quality of life anywhere in the world you want.”


(19) Anticipate the growing shifts in life and business. Nobody wants to swim upstream if the current is moving everything in the opposite direction. Clue your fans in.

An excerpt from Book Two in “The Knowledge Path Series” dedicated to helping you make more money from a lifestyle businesses you’re truly passionate about.