Is Doing What You Already Know Ever Enough? New Possibilities. More Choices.

“Handle today with an eye to the future.  Accept full responsibility for your part in creating it.”

Vitality follows those on the edge of the known.  Anyone doing what they know they can do is playing it too safe to feel successful. Knowing about new possibilities gives you more choices.  

Economic Trends

Recession “So, without fanfare, here is a straightforward look at what is going on, and why the coming recession itself is NOT the issue for you.  It is how you prepare for it.  Because if you do, you actually have a chance to profit from it.

Technology Trends

AI predicts your expiration date.

Curated by Steve Howard in “The Journal of 2020 Foresight,” the Know Laboratories’ digital magazine.

“Scientists recently trained an AI system to evaluate a decade of general health data submitted by more than half a million people in the United Kingdom. Then, they tasked the AI with predicting if individuals were at risk of dying prematurely — in other words, sooner than the average life expectancy — from chronic disease, they reported in a new study.”

Medical Science Trends

Cancer. Will this breakthrough upset AI’s prediction?

The team then tested it on 11 patients with advanced stage lymphoma as part of a clinical trial, where some experienced full remission for periods ranging from months to years. Buoyed by these promising results, the researchers have already kicked off clinical trials for lymphoma, breast, head and neck cancer patients, and lab tests are continuing on liver and ovarian cancer. 

Startups and Innovation

What about the 94% failure rate?

Group work produces more feasible ideas while individual work produces more original ideas. To get both original and feasible ideas, you need to combine individual time with group time as the researchers did in the hybrid structure.


STEM? Why does it matter? Then what?  

Science knowledge can help you navigate a variety of everyday situations — “such as making health care decisions or deciding what to eat. Communities can benefit from higher levels of science knowledge, particularly as they make sense of potential health hazards in their environment.

In 2030

If your AI expiration date is delayed by a decade, how will your world change?

Homes: By learning your preferences and your habits, and automatically adjusting the light, heat, even your TV channels, before you have to ask. “It’s about how that home reacts to you and makes you comfortable. 

Ease of Changing Reality: Solving fake news requires rebuilding the news ecosystem, and educating people to critically think and be more responsible on the social networks.

Genome Editing: Presumably different cultures will find different approaches and applications ethical. So it’s going to be a very complex future.

Memory: working on how we encode memory as electrical signals in a part of the brain called the hippocampus.


6)   Anticipate changing circumstances and economic cycles.

7)   Persist and pivot to navigate external threats and opportunities.

17) Sketch out your trajectory in 5-year timeframes.  Will we fall into another recession?  Absolutely.  Will you be ready this time with future-proofed strategies?

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