Anticipate and thrive while others barely survive.

We don’t live in a vacuum. Disruptions happen.  We have to learn new ways to make ourselves valuable, marketable and in demand in a world turned upside down.

When we do we can make healthy, wealthy and wise choices for living, loving, working, playing, investing, retiring and leaving a legacy at critical turning points in our life.

Insight and Foresight

Change Itself Doesn’t Hurt. What Hurts is Our Resistance to Change.

“… will require changes in product design and business approaches that have ripple effects throughout supply chains and economic systems.” What are multi-level solutions? How is MIT driving innovation towards zero waste in circular economies?  Can apps really fuel data-rich pictures to save the planet? What’s on the near horizon for healthcare? Is money really …

Knowing About New Possibilities Gives You More Choices. Check These Out.

When compared with previous industrial revolutions, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is evolving at an exponential rather than a linear pace. What is it that big companies don’t understand about 83 million of their customers? What’s hiding in  Mary Meeker ‘s 333 slides this year? If you don’t know what the 4th Industrial Revolution is all …

Is It Time to Inhale the Future and Exhale the Past? Just Ask Walmart.

“For too many retailers these shifts have silently crept up on them. Francese traces the root of the problem to the age of most C-suite executives.” What’s wrong with science, and why should you care? Can science overcome three stumbling blocks to answering the greatest  mysteries ? How many dabblers does it take to beat the experts? …