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Know Laboratories 

Thriving in an Age of Accelerating Uncertainty

Table of Contents

Change and Disruption

The Rules Have Changed. 

Grabbing an Option While Falling Through Space 


Real Estate Investments


Five Options for Unlocking Equity 

Pros and Cons of 3 Options 

Two Ways to Stay Home 


Real Estate Investment Types 

Building Your Rental Business 

Find Experts for Sophisticated Financial Strategies 

Manage Operations and a Marketing Campaign

Factors Influencing Real Estate Markets


Demographic Lifestyles and Buying Power 

Who’s Free to Move About the Country? 

Wireless Resorter or High Country Eagle? 

Trends and Forces Shaping Your Work and Investments


What Lies Ahead? 

Millennials and Boomers Shape the Economy 

Emerging Trends in Innovation and Future Jobs 

On The Verge of a New Era 


Forces of Change and Disruption 

When Will Your Industry Get Turned Upside Down? 

Driving Radical and Incremental Innovation 

Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and the Future of Work

The Future’s Arriving Faster than You Think. Now What? 

Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing Platforms and Disruptive Technologies 

What Does It Take to Capitalize on Digital Transformations? 

8 Forecasts to Help You Stay Ahead of the Curve 

When’s the Next Recession? Will You Be Ready This Time? 

If a New Era of Technology is in the Driver’s Seat, Where Are We Going? 

Which forces have peaked or are reversing themselves? 

What Do You Need To Know As AI Changes Your World? 

Looking Through the Glass Door: Cloudy With a Chance of Disruption 

Consciousness, Disruption and Chaos. It’s All Good!? 

Is It Too Late to Stimulate Your Creative Juices? 

Is Doing What You Already Know Ever Enough? New Possibilities. More Choices. 

Is Now the Time for You to Digest, Pivot and Profit? 

Is It Time to Inhale the Future and Exhale the Past? Just Ask Walmart. 

Knowing About New Possibilities Gives You More Choices. Check These Out. 

Change Itself Doesn’t Hurt. What Hurts is Our Resistance to Change. 

What’s Next? If I Only Had a Brain 

What In The “World” is Next?