Looking Through the Glass Door: Cloudy With a Chance of Disruption

Correction? Bear or Bull? Recession? Is it time to activate Plan B?

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Get an early handle on the potential for a major recession, consider the potential impacts on you, your career, your organization and respond sufficiently ahead of any expected economic downturn.

You owe it to yourself to read the full report from Glassdoor summarized below:

Job Market Trends: Five Hiring Disruptions to Watch in 2019

Andrew Chamberlain, Ph.D., Chief Economist, Glassdoor

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It wasn’t all good times in 2018. New economic clouds appeared on the horizon. Tariffs stoked fears of slowing trade that may cripple U.S. exporters and raise prices for consumers. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates three times, causing a slowdown in the nation’s housing market in a period when mortgages grew more expensive. Meanwhile, the stock market slowed, leaving the S&P 500 index mostly flat.” Glassdoor Research Report 

Which Hiring Trends Shaped 2018?

  1. “Artificial Intelligence is a Worker’s Ally, Not a Replacement
  2. Women Executives Make Waves…But There’s Room for More
  3. Growing Concerns About Employee Data Privacy and Protection 
  4. The Gig Economy is Smaller Than We Thought
  5. Local Talent Matters in the Era of Amazon’s HQ2″
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“However, it’s never too early to prepare for an economic rainy day. Even during the best of times, now is an opportunity for employers to focus on hiring quality talent who will be retained both in good times and bad. Meanwhile, job seekers should shore up savings, polish up resumes and look for a job and company that fits their life in 2019 and beyond.” Glass Door Research Report


Which Threats and Opportunities Will Emerge in 2019 And Beyond?

  1. “Data-Driven Matching Will Be the New Paradigm for Hiring
  2. The New Era of Tech Hiring Will Be for Non-Tech Jobs
  3. More Companies Will Try to Get Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Right 
  4. A Tidal Wave of Aging Workers Could Mean Labor Shortages for Decades 
  5. More Job Seekers and Employers Will Brace for an Economic Recession


6)   Anticipate changing circumstances and economic cycles.

7)   Persist and pivot to navigate external threats and opportunities.

17) Sketch out your trajectory in 5-year timeframes.  Will we fall into another recession?  Absolutely.  Will you be ready this time with future-proofed strategies?

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