Emerging Trends in Innovation and Future Jobs

Great innovators are able to see things others can’t because they function as knowledge brokers.

Preparing for Growth Industries of the Future
Anticipate the growing shifts in life and business. Nobody wants to swim upstream if the current is moving everything in the opposite direction.


Sea Levels Are Already Rising. What’s Next?

Florida’s Need for Sea Walls

The vast majority of south Florida is less than six feet above high tide. That risk is exacerbated by the fact that it’s on a hurricane track, so you get these storm pulses that come through every year. In Florida, you also have a geology of porous limestone that makes it difficult to build sea walls around places like Miami and Miami Beach because the water will just come through underneath and flood from below. In the Netherlands they’ve built the dikes to keep the water out. In New Orleans, which was flooded severely during Hurricane Katrina, they have also built big dikes. National Geographic.

Can Science Explain the Human Mind?

Can science explain everything related to our beings

Importantly, these findings don’t tell us about what science can and can’t explain. They tell us about people’s beliefs about what science can and can’t explain. But the implications are pretty intriguing. People don’t seem to regard the complexity of a natural phenomenon as a critical barrier to scientific progress. Instead, those phenomena that involve the unique characteristics of the reflective mind — such as introspection and conscious will — are the ones that are taken to present a real obstacle for science. NPR Cosmos & Culture

What is a blockchain?

Blockchain digital illuminated shape. Big data node base concept. 3d rendering illustration

We appear to be cresting the “peak of inflated expectations” on the famous Gartner hype cycle when it comes to the blockchain in late 2017, so it’s hard to know right now which proposed applications will stick and which will prove impractical over time. Certainly cryptocurrencies aren’t going anywhere unless there is a massive shift in U.S. government policy, and the vendor-supplier idea of a blockchain being pushed by cloud providers makes sense. Geek Wire.

Apple shows off self-driving tech breakthrough in obstacle detection.

Apple Self-Driving Breakthrough

A paper published last week by Yin Zhou and Oncel Tuzel, who are AI and machine learning researchers at the company, represents one of the first major breakthroughs we’ve seen from Apple’s self-driving project. And although it hasn’t been tested in the real world, it already seems like a notable development that could make rivals sit up and take notice. The Next Web.

5 Trends At The LA Auto Show That May Change How We Move.

Auto Trends

“Lincoln and Volvo’s moves to new vehicle subscription services are reflective of a broader shift we’ve been seeing across the industry as sales decline,” says Jessica Caldwell with Edmunds. Automakers “appear to be more open to exploring new business models.” It’s an attempt to make their brands stand out and keep more customers while also grabbing market share from the competition, she says. npr.org

We Need To Focus More On Networks And Less On The Nodes.

Networks Not Just Nodes Drive Innovation

Ideas alone don’t change the world. A number of later studies, ranging from Broadway plays to the design firm IDEO to currency traders found much the same thing. Great innovators are able to see things others can’t because they function as knowledge brokers. They are able to build networks that connect them to knowledge they don’t have and, in the end, that’s what seems to make all the difference. inc.com

5 Beautiful Tiny Houses That’ll Make You Want to Downsize Immediately.

Emerging Trend of Tiny Homes

A little more than a decade ago, the idea of building quality homes with less square footage but with truly usable spaces began to take hold, according to the AARP. Sometimes called the “Not So Big House” approach, the tiny house movement has gained attention and popularity due to a variety of factors, including the state of the economy, the struggling housing market, and the growing ethic of reducing and reusing. Typically measuring 100 to 400 square feet — but sometimes as small as 80 square feet or as large as 700 square feet — these micro houses aim to fill all the basic amenities that an average-size house does, all while using less space to do so. fristforwomen.com

Who are U.S. angel investors?

Percentage of Women in Angel Investing

Study shows 78% male; 87% white; 17% in California.  The study found that 77.9 percent of angels in the U.S. are male, while 22.1 percent are female. Of newer angel investors — those who started in 2014 or later — 30 percent are women. “Women are considerably more prevalent in angel investing compared to the venture capital community, where the proportion of female partners in US venture capital firms is only about 5-8%, and the number of women investors has actually declined from 9% in 2006 and 10% in 1999,” the report noted. Geek Wire.

This New Battery Material Uses Graphene to Charge 5 Times Faster.

New Material To Recharge Batteries

The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has developed new battery material, made from a “graphene ball,” which could potentially deliver charging speeds five times faster than today’s lithium-ion batteries. Samsung announced the new material in a press release this past Wednesday, November 28.But just how fast is this new material? Well, in theory, this graphene ball material only needs about 12 minutes to achieve a hundred percent charge.  sciencealert.com

What Are The Industries Of The Future And How Can We Prepare?

Preparing for Growth Industries of the Future

Most people have heard the statistic that 65% of jobs that today’s students will hold haven’t even been created yet. Those numbers have been around for years, but the predictions are already beginning to come true.  Here are his predictions for five industries of the future: Robotics; Advanced Life Sciences; Codification of Markets (Bitcoin and blockchain); Cybersecurity and Big Data. inc.com

HeartFlow is the newest unicorn after a new $150 million financing round.

The Promise of New Unicorn, HeartFlow

The medical technology company HeartFlow is now valued at over $1 billion, the latest company to hit the category threshold for the most highly valued startups. HeartFlow is expected to collect $150 million in a new fundraising round, according to a new regulatory filing in Delaware uncovered by PitchBook. At a price of about $25.33 per share, HeartFlow will have a valuation of $1.4 billion. HeartFlow, founded in 2010, sells a product to doctors to detect coronary artery disease. recode.net


(19) Anticipate the growing shifts in life and business. Nobody wants to swim upstream if the current is moving everything in the opposite direction.

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